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Summer Camp

The annual week long summer camp, for the 8 to 18 year olds is the highlight of our social calendar.  It is a fantastic opportunity for the children to meet up with each other to talk, share experiences and to make friends with others in a similar situation, but above all to have fun.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions the Summer Camp for 2020 had to be cancelled.

In 2017 the Summer Camp moved to Benrigg Trust near Kenmore.

The 2015 & 2016 camp were held at the Outdoor activity centre at Ardentinny. As always the children had a ‘ball’. 

Summer Camp 2014

Summer Camp Picture Gallery – A selection of pictures from some of our previous summer camps

Video library   

Summer Camp 2012 – http://youtu.be/r_PyLgxPQHU

Summer Camp 2008 – http://youtu.be/VwJxKl5zPr4

Summer Camp 2006- http://youtu.be/6uScQTwW5Lo  &   http://youtu.be/GdA_BZirC90

Summer Camp 2006 – STV News Report    

Summer Camp 2005 – http://youtu.be/HJ0pgNvV2fU

Summer Camp 2004 :  http://youtu.be/aOExpYoTT90

Summer Camp 2003 – http://youtu.be/D4wrKaWrar8