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SBCC – Organisational Structure

All Executive & General Committee are elected/ appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

[Elected/ appointed on 29th January 2017]

Executive Committee 

Chair Person: Mark Stevenson

Vice Chair Person: Alan Masterton

Secretary: Gail McClory

Treasurer: Nan Stevenson

General Committee 

Amy McCabe – Family Liaison

Claire Gardiner – Young Adult Volunteer Liaison & Mentor


The following are volunteers that support the charity at Fundraising Events, Family Events and Summer Camp.  They are not members of the Executive or General Committee.

Charity Volunteer[s]

Lisa Morrison

Other Duties:

Child Protection Officer: Mark Stevenson

Legal Adviser: Alan Masterton

Complaints / Compliance Officer: Mark Stevenson

Website Administrator: Nan Stevenson

FaceBook Administrator: Mark Stevenson/ Amy McCabe