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SBCC Partners

Our charity is very fortunate to receive support from:

Pat Wade OBE on a visit to one of the SBCC summer camp with Mark Stevenson, SBCC Chairperson.

Mark & Pat Pat has now retired, but until recently ran the Burned Children’s Club in England.

In 2001 Pat gave a talk to a group of people in Glasgow; following the talk the SBCC was formed.  Pat has been very    supportive and has been an inspiration to the success of our club.


Arnold Clark – A massive thank you to Arnold Clark Newbridge for organising and providing the transport and drivers to take the children and volunteers to the 2017 Summer Camp.

Care of Burns in Scotland [COBiS] – is a NHS managed Clinical Network for the Care of Burns in Scotland

The representative for the SBCC at the sub-group meetings is Alan Masterton.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Dunfermline Fire Station, Fife – Thank you for allowing the SBCC to hold our Committee Meetings and 2015 AGM at the station. Thank you also for supporting the charity at your annual Open Day.